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1. Getting a weird amout of pleasure from looking at pictures of people you dont know on myspace.

2. Actually masturbation while looking at pictures of people you dont know on myspace
Nate has no friends, I bet he just sits home all day myspaceturbating.
by Ian B... August 20, 2006
Whackin' it to someone's mypsace profile
That chick's pic slideshow of her and her friends was so hot I couldn't help myspaceturbating
by jflajgags June 11, 2006
Spending hours on end looking up friends and friends of friends myspace accounts. This can take up to several hours of your life away from you, especially during your adolescent years.
instead of going to the party last night, Jim stayed home and and ended up myspaceturbating until he fell asleep.
by Kevin mitchell October 17, 2006
n. the act of sitting in ones room and surfing Myspace while masturbating
Tarhead you are late for formation. Stop Myspaceturbating!
by anonympous January 26, 2009
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