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A website created by a man named Tom, with the starting purpose of helping lonely adults find mates. HOWEVER, once the scene kids took over (scene kid: a boy/girl with a haircut that says nothing but "hello, I gorged out my 7 year old sisters eyes and let her take a scissor to my head." and feel the need to wear EXTREMELY tight pants, and thermal shirts with silly little dinosaurs all over them.) the website was completely corrupt. It is now a place where you can leave a comment on the page of one of your 19809324 friends that you don't <i>actually</i> know, just to tell them that you are going to "kill their face", but of course..if you're totally myspace addicted, you won't comment to tell them that, because it will already be your MySpace name. And that would just be repetitive now wouldn't it? I wonder if the people on myspace are aware that no one gives a shit whether or not they like popsicles, and what their opinion is on "fake posers that just cause drama". To all those addicted to MySpace, kindly go kill yourself and rid this world of yet another mindless conforming cunt. Thank you.

Oh P.S.-Pretty much everyone on MySpace has been turned onto the phrase "kthnxbai".
"yo PLZ tell all yur frndz 2 add meh 2 thur myspaces cuz I am sad nd borning nd have lyke no lyfe. KTHNXBAI."
by lkjdifj February 20, 2006
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