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a place for people to bring it back to high school. people who are supposedly "over high school and lead such busy lives." however, somehow they find the time to go on my space for a few hours a day. if your so over high school than why do you need to be so-called friends with 25765 people who are probably not going to help out in the real world that we live in today. basically if you do not pay my bills and you are not going to help me in life than you are not my friend. my space is a popularity contest for people who just can't stay away from the high school scene. people really need to get over themselves and stop changing their pictures or taking "my space pics" so that people will tell them their hot or sexy. let's all stop begging for attention and worry about the more important things in life. invest your 1-5 hours a day on something useful. trust me i used to be on this and it's a waste of time.
1) don't broadcast your life or talk about someone on my space so that your "friends" can give you a pat on the back.

2) if you need to have people tell you look hot, you probably have some
insecurity issues. i mean think about it. if you were walking down the street with your friends are they going to contstantly tell you you're hot. no, but on my space they will. so let's take my space pics!
by cmm July 06, 2005
Christina moncada
Have you seen christina? That girl is a big bootay ho.
by Cmm May 11, 2014

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