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The answer to every question in the known universe.
Dude, where is everyone?

In my anus.
by Iron Tom Cash August 16, 2004
Uranus' stinky, rhoid' ridden sister planet. Characterized, like Jupiter, with a big red spot.
William Herschel thought he had discovered rings around Myanus in 1787; it was just a really bad case of hemorrhoids.
by drugboy January 11, 2011
the small, virgin opening in my body.(never to be probed)
yo, you aint neva gonna tap my anus.
by barnos October 28, 2003
n. 1. not your anus!
2. A small (or big) opening on the bottom (or top if I'm some sort of alien) of my ass.
Taking a trip to my anus is more dangerous than climbing Mt Everest.
by Cameron May 30, 2004