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An awesome term to use when someone is being, in fact, a little shit.
Harry Potter flipped off Dumbledore, and Dumbledore ravagely screamed, 'YOU LITTLE SHIT!!!'
by Carliann May 22, 2007
Fag, but saying it in a waayy cooler fashion.
Person 1- Flamer.
Person 2- You FAEG.
Person 1- *silence*
by Carliann May 26, 2007
A huge-ass frickin dump that splashes in your toilet like dropping a bomb in the sea.
Jessica took a chiggadump in my bathroom so bad that it stunk up the whole house! I thought she shit on the floor!
by Carliann May 22, 2007
A horny bastard that enjoys licking llamas sexually.
...You're such a frickin' llama licker.
by Carliann May 26, 2007
One who loves to take Chiggadumps in their spare time. See also Chiggadump.
Jessica is such a Chiggadumper.
by Carliann May 26, 2007
A perfect way of indirectly asking a mate for a divorce.
Person 1- Smile, you got Herpes!

Person 2- Sweet Jesus...!!!
by Carliann May 26, 2007
A term used to describe a little overly happy weasel inserting him/herself up one's anus.
Cindy is such an ass weasel when it comes to Brad Pitt.
by Carliann May 26, 2007

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