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a state of mind where the affected is unnaturally unaware of his surroundings

... usually after several cones

people under the influence of muzz are likely to trip, break things or generally fuck up the simplest of tasks
"dude, i am so muzzed"
"I'm just muzzing out"
*in exsaperated tone* "Muuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzz"
"Ramwell, stop muzzing out -- you left my house unlocked and two bongs on my parents kitchen table"
by stoz June 26, 2006
to lose control of one's bladder, to pee yourself, piss your panties, urinate the bed
"oh man, he's just muzz'd himself, that's gross!!"

"i think i've just muzz'd your bed"

"i laughed so hard i almost muzz'd myself"
by Stef Connelly March 05, 2008
one who excels at farting, perving and is always on the look out for a good M.I.L.T.F
Oh god Muzz airbrushed his undies again!

Muzz don't dribble over her boobies!
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
Someone who borrows money even though they have some. Someone who smokes your weed even though they have some. Someone who drinks your drink even if they one.
AKA Matty Pynn from Medford, Ma. He's a fuckin muzz
by Jessica Porter April 05, 2008

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