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when your drunk and your words are all slurred and cant understand them ; all mushed together
your mushing so bad right now
by shanny45 June 17, 2011
To have no motivation to do anything. When everything feels like too much effort. To be incredibly lazy...usually after a night of drinking.
Julian: "Hey, wanna do something today?"
Steve: "Nah I'm Mushing today"
by Urban Dictionary October 04, 2008
when you take a shit in the woods and dont wipe your ass.
man 1: man i had to take a shit and had no tp.
man 2: so you had to go mushing?
man 1: yha man it sucked so bad.
by no muscles October 25, 2010
fucking, hooking up with.
Yo, you mushin him?
by Anonymous May 28, 2003