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When a girl is laying down , you go up to her and put your nuts over her nose and whenever she breathes through her nose it makes a flapping noise.
God u just murtled me
by Barn man February 21, 2011
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A cross between a monkey and a turtle
OMG!!! A Murtle!! How Cute!!!
by HSV2C December 21, 2004
The act of backing out of any activity/action/engagement/promise after having verbally and publically committed to it.
Mr. Lewis murtled after telling everyone he was going to the rally.

Mr. Gene murtled out of going to the bar with his friends because he was stuck under his boss's desk....again!
by Manidingo March 04, 2011
To be s odrunk mispronunciation of words is common.
Mortal -> Murtle
I think I'm murtle me!
by DRValid October 19, 2011
To fart out of one's penis.
My girlfriend sneezed while giving me a BJ and I let out a huge murtle.
by Mike the G December 22, 2005
A girl or boy's name.
Murtle the Tutle.
by Shelby May 17, 2004

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