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Gettin' some,making out, having sex, anything sexually related.
Josh is playing hookie for the nookie.
by Shelby December 10, 2004
1. An emu (see flightless bird) who is feeling particularly sad (see whiny emo)
2. An emu with a sweetass sense of style.
3. An emu who can whail hardcore on a guitar, and cry while singing.
4. Shelby.
"That is an emo emu."
by Shelby March 25, 2005
1 of the greatest classics of the motor wold...........watch "Gone in 60 seconds" & find out
by Shelby May 17, 2003
cute justlike eminem
cutist girl ever
by shelby July 09, 2003
The Wonderful aroma of sticking your finger up someones anus and then sniffing it.
Stacey had a stink finger after playing with Cyril.
by Shelby February 21, 2005
Something that is code for I love your ,and its quoted off of Sealab2021 that is shown on adult swim
-moms around-
Shelby: Harry banana monkay ruffle

Rich black guy that bought the sealab :
I can make anything happen excite me BANANA MONKAY RUFFLE!
by Shelby August 19, 2005
a retarded little kid who is fuckin ugly and has no friends
that feric over there is a real fuck up
by shelby January 31, 2005

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