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artificial pubic hair
check out my new my murkin baby
by choder boy February 04, 2005
268 190
Genital Wig
by anonymous July 23, 2003
545 283
When some is killed. No habit but randomly or for being in a area from which you are not familiar.
"Round here, we in the middle of murkin season" Plies.
by ldelandro January 21, 2008
231 188
a misspelled merkin i.e. a fur piece for the pubic area of women of the 14th and 15th centuries. and whenever.
it's merkin, not murkin. twit.
by eugenius July 02, 2005
151 122
To be creeping around, searching, surveying in a low down manner. Like a predator in a murky swamp.
Dude 1: This club is gangster. Where did DeShawn go?
Dude 2: He is murkin' for drunk girls on the dance floor!
by Buc_Nassty January 09, 2011
14 3
to beat someone with your awesome skills, to be awesome, to do extremely well on something
Dude 1: "Wow, you're really murkin' in this track meet"
Dude 2: "Thanks bro, i know."
by ClitCapper77 May 23, 2012
3 1
used as an expression for wanting to whoop someone's ass i.e murk an agressive expression or also to kill or murder or do better than some on in a dance move
man im finna murk yo ass

man im murkin yo ass
by -Kayla m@- July 10, 2008
91 93