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that sound you make when you try to think up a funny definition for urban dictionary
hmm what's something funny I say "errrrr"
by Storm Smith March 21, 2009
A word used to make fun of somebody
Alex ask for a dollar and Leo said no, Bracie says Errrrr to Alex to make him feel bad.
by Abe, Leo, Alex, Bracie, Eddie. November 12, 2010
A sound one makes when they sarcastically use the wrong word or phrase in a statement and wish to change it. It's used solely in a sarcastic manner, and is said loudly, almost in a growling manner. Popularized on the Jim Rome Show, a national sports radio show hosted by Jim Rome.
"That's more embarrassing than when your mom walked in on you spanking it- ERRRRR, itching your thigh.
by Skiledriver April 20, 2011

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