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to have sex with someone to fuck them really hard
i cant talk to you im murkin right now
by kpizzle5201 December 30, 2010
that act of doing something in a down manner. Not just a word, its a way of life.
"Ima bout to go murk on that ladie"
"Marro was just murkin down the hall"
"We murking errrrr?"
by jwit it and marro March 30, 2010
seriously cool, wicked, awesome, mental, expression of appreciation. Especially common in British public schools. e.g Benenden
"that is absolutely murkers" or "that shit is murkin"
by lulu and katie October 30, 2004
A person who plays counter strike very frquently and is on the server GAMEAREANA 2 VERY FREQUENTLY
Murkin RUN
by Not Murkin June 22, 2003