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To physically beat someone so severely, they end up dying from their injuries. To beat the living shit outta someone. To seriously whoop somebodys ass.
He said he could see me with the hands, but I clearly murked that motherfucker
by Finesse May 06, 2004
The act of murder. Can also be used in other contexts such as, finishing something off. The word originated from a guy named Jarred in Ocala, FL, he was saying this before Lil' Wayne.
Guy 1: "Break yo self fool!
Guy 2: *Pulls out pistol* I will murk you bitch!"
Guy 1: "Yes sir." *Runs away*
by Indiscriminate August 03, 2010
modern english underclass/street slang for attacking someone or taking anger out on them, used occasionally by white rappers and club music types.
'I'm gonna f*cking murk that guy'
by girlguide March 01, 2012
An action work meaning to disappear or vanish.

the word has also been used (out of content) to describe death or killing, because of the similarities between being dead and one disappearing or vanishing

A yo, I'm about to murk, I got work in the morning.

I can believe J got murked, he was only 19.
by ThE K@niLeKinG January 27, 2011
To defeat someone to the point that they should never show their face again.
I murked dat brere on tha mic the otha day. rude bwoi culdnt spit for shit
by Logik June 21, 2004
to be uninteresting, a mess, out of style, ugly, not attractive.
"Damn girl, your hair is murk as shit! You need to Fire the bitch that DID THAT MESS!"
by livinlifebeautiful March 03, 2012
1. To kill, maim or totally fuck up some bitch who's givin' u shit
2. To have casual sex in ur m8s house at a party or w/e
3. To beat someone wit yo mind
4. Something that should be done to all chavs with sharp and/or blunt objects.
1. "the thorpe Daleks murked the SHIT outta the Hadleigh Daleks, homes"
2. "Mark totally fucked the shit outta that bitch, playa"
3. "yo dawg, yo' face be trippin', trust me dawg it's yo bitch i'll be missin'"
4. (engl.) "the chavs got murked in the face with baseball bats."
by Daaaaaaaaaaaave August 09, 2007
When your penis gets messy from sticking it in a vagina.
Person 1: OH MY GOSH!
Person 2: What?
Person 1: I was having sex last night.
Person 2: Did it feel good?
Person 1: Yah. Until I got murk on me.
Person 2: Can I feel it.
Person 1: ...
Person 1 leaves.
Person 2: Was it something I said?
by ChunkyMilk March 08, 2014
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