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Actually spelt 'Merc' but these idiots below me don't seem to realise that. Short for 'Mercenary' it means to destroy or to beat mercilessly
'Wow I murk'd him'
'Dude, it's merc'd, dumbass'
by Mizticall May 05, 2010
111 81
A common misspelling of merc, which means to beat up or kill someone. Used mainly in hip-hop and gang culture. Derived from mercenary, a soldier for hire.
Crip1: That nigga's a blood, imma murk his ass.

Crip2: It's spelled merc, not murk.
by Whatnao August 06, 2011
84 62
to kill a nigga. .
we in tha middle of murkin season
by kraaaazy nigga January 23, 2008
51 49
modern english underclass/street slang for attacking someone or taking anger out on them, used occasionally by white rappers and club music types.
'I'm gonna f*cking murk that guy'
by girlguide March 01, 2012
3 4
a common misspelling for merc. Short for mercenary. To hurt, murder, destroy, whoop-ass, etc.
On a spelling test, if you spelled merc, "Murk." You'd be flat out wrong, dumbass.
by Jesus W. Christ January 27, 2012
1 2
A word that was introduced in the high limit poker circles in the Chicagoland area by TheActionKid, JERRRY, Playa Plz, and a couple others. "Murkin Em" has become a coined phrase when something good happens or when someone wins a huge hand or pot against someone. To win at poker or sports betting or other form of gambling as well as to beat someone at something.
(After winning a $10,000 pot) I just murked him good!

(After winning a big sports bet) Nice win bro, murkin em!

Let's murk this game and call it a night.
by Action Andrew July 04, 2011
8 9
The act of murder. Can also be used in other contexts such as, finishing something off. The word originated from a guy named Jarred in Ocala, FL, he was saying this before Lil' Wayne.
Guy 1: "Break yo self fool!
Guy 2: *Pulls out pistol* I will murk you bitch!"
Guy 1: "Yes sir." *Runs away*
by Indiscriminate August 03, 2010
10 11