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another way of spelling Easy.
meaning take it easy, usually used for a farewell
Gangsta: Yo im bouncin muh fucka
Thug: eZ
by memphis August 16, 2003
Short word for 'easy' (commonly used in chat).
Dont sweat over that girl she's so Ez!!
by Ferrales September 11, 2007
A chill mutha fucka who's level of coolness matches the dos equis man. Often confused as being easy but in reality is extremely hard to get. So for all you ladies out there,, good luck!
Man I wish I could be as cool as ez!
by freshtodeath77 June 12, 2011
It replaces take it easy as a good bye. So when someone says they are going or something you just say ez.
Person 1)Aight man im gone, ez

Person 2)ez
by definitionmasta May 11, 2009
what to call someone who is easy to get into bed, instead of using an actual name; a slut, skank, whore, or hoe; a slorebag; .lizabeth .elley
Did you see E.Z. last night?!
Dude, she was tore up!
by ALE0034 September 20, 2010
A term often used to diffuse ofensive sarcasm.
"Hey Fuck-face!"
"who are you calling fuck-face?"
by Mista Mike August 10, 2005
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