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A combination of two words, "Mad" and "Cunt". Used to imply support or appreciation for an individuals action. Most commonly used among young Australian males “Munt” is most effective and prominent in speech during and after large consumptions of alcohol.
Did Jessie smash that chick on the weekend?
Sure did!
Oh what a munt!
by The General..... June 10, 2006
a person who constantly acts in a retarded fashion.
haha that guy is a fuckin munt
by jesus loves my dog October 18, 2005
Having oral sex with a dead body
She was cold but a good Munt
by Dave August 10, 2003
To have sex with a dead body, when at the point of orgasm another person jumps onto the belly of the corpse, causing its innards to squirt out all over your cock.
Let's find a dead lady so we can have a good, old fashioned munting
by Dave November 24, 2003
A state of extreme intoxication, usually from substances other than alchahol.
After a few hours, Jacob was very munted.
by Daniel Walker December 03, 2002
A girl that is undesirable or not very attractive.
Jim: What about tracey ?
Dave: na shes a munt.
Jim: Fair enough
by connor maxwell March 06, 2007
the flap of skin left over from a male to female sex change operation.
my munt is a bit dry , could you pass the pleasure gel.
by winston zedmore April 11, 2007