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Based on the "steaming cup" office tool used in a Budweiser commercial to give colleagues and leadership the impression that you're still working because there is a hot, steaming cup of coffee at your desk.

A term used for someone who is never seen at his/her desk, but has neither travel nor off-site vendor/customer visits on his/her list of duties. Also someone who leaves on his/her light, computer or takes an additional step and places an "auxiliary" set of keys, sunglasses, headgear or outerwear in his/her office to give one the impression that he/she is still at work, but at large. This term can also be used from someone who has frequent and/or lengthy unaccountable minutes/hours away from his/her desk. This person does not usually have much to do and many times this person is a figureghead, for if they WERE busy or essential, their unfinished business would set off alerts from vendors, customers and colleagues looking for answers to questions, information and/or other work-related deliverables.
"If I leave my desk for any amount of time my inbox completely floods over. Bob, however, is a steaming cup who's never around but somehow never seems to fall behind in his work."

"His light and computer are on but good luck finding him after 2:00 p.m. He's a steaming cup."

"I have tried to schedule a meeting with that guy, but I can never find him. Turns out John told me he's a steaming cup so he's never around!"

"Don't be fooled by how late his light stays on, he's just a steaming cup who can never be found after lunch."
by barkin26 May 20, 2013
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