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to make up one's mind through a poll of friends and/ or enemies, usually in written form, an acronym for Make up My Mind.
I wrote a MuMM today, to find out what peanut butter is best.
by dannyshamas December 13, 2010
Used as a greeting or it can define anything whether it be an adjective, noun, or verb. just to add fun to a conversation.
you might see a person and go "mumm?" and generally they will return with "mumm? hub, or buff?"


"im feeling quite mumm today"

"dude i just mummed that guy up"
by Luke Nuke'em June 05, 2011
It's when the chick is hot, but you question her hygiene!! You dont want her rubbing her dirty dick beaters on your junk. Instead you allow her to cup her hands and play catcher for your load of man milk. When you finish, you tell her to wash up and get the fuck out.
Chuck, she was so smelly, I could only let her do the mumms. Tell your sister to take a bath!
by Uncle Kurtie June 01, 2007

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