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6 definitions by dannyshamas

a severe talking to, or something similar for someone who thinks they are great
Boy does Sally need an ego condom
by dannyshamas October 24, 2010
an idol or something worshiped as a god, it is Yiddish for little god, a pejorative term
Did you see that getshke James brought?
by dannyshamas October 27, 2010
someone whose attitudes are layered in assitude, a super asshat.
Jerry is such an assgarb.
by dannyshamas November 18, 2010
to make up one's mind through a poll of friends and/ or enemies, usually in written form, an acronym for Make up My Mind.
I wrote a MuMM today, to find out what peanut butter is best.
by dannyshamas December 13, 2010
Yiddish word meaning totally lost or confused
He went to New York and he became farblonjet.
by dannyshamas December 13, 2010
an all purpose cuss word, in combination with other words
Aww go grease yourself, greasing greasehole
by dannyshamas December 01, 2010