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Dublin City expression for people from the country-side.
The bleedin' head on that mullah.
All the mullahs flock to the city to support their local team.
by m33pm3ist3r July 11, 2003
32 16
term used to taunt the religious right in America, mainly because American mullahs (or Midwest mullahs) are so fanatically anti-Muslim but express similar social beliefs.
Pat Buchanan is a mullah extraordinaire.
by bharat February 25, 2005
47 43
a mullah is an armpit that eats tits.
man that mullah blew me so well last night
by orangutang June 10, 2004
30 57
someone who wields a teeny bulla and gets pasted by janitors who live under the UC
teeny bulla mullah
by some_bullah February 08, 2004
9 42