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Someone who only likes a band because they think one or more of the members is good-looking. These re very unpopular among hardcore fans.
"Wow, Benny from Good Charlotte is sooooo fit!"
"Ugh, you teeny!"
by Ami July 17, 2003
someone (usually a young girl) who likes a band because it is the "in" thing to do or because she finds one or more of the band members to be "hott".
teeny: "like omgzz guys, i so effing loveee gerard way, he is loveee."

me: "what's your favorite song?"

teeny: "......"
by andrea addiction December 17, 2006
someone, usually a young girl, who likes a band only because they are popular and good looking. sometimes known as a poseur
"anna is a teeny because she shops at hot topic and listens to good charlotte"

"screw you, teeny!"
by nicole February 21, 2004
1)(Usually) teenaged girls/boys who try so hard be alternative and not to be part of "mainstream" culture that they get pulled into another "mainstream" culture invented for them while thinking noone else is like them.

2)Usually underage drinkers and usually in early teens. They usually drink too much and take too many drugs often vomiting and needing medical assistance waisting valuable medical staff's time. At the time they may be crying or something similar but then in a few days time this event will go down in theirs and the other teenies minds as a heroic event and they will try to bring up the topic of them vomiting at every possible opurtunity recounting the tale with them as a hero.
Teenies teenies teenies
by Meloph August 04, 2006
I do not like teenies. They think that they are cool because they listen to Good Charlotte and people like that. This makes most people think that anyone who listens to GoodCharlotte is a teeny. This however is not true. I am a true GoodCharlotte fan and I hate that teenies spoil GC's repretation. I owe my life to Good Charlotte as they convinced me not to commit suicide. I am glad that I am here today to defend their reputation from teenies. Please do not think that Good Charlotte is a teeny band that encourages teenyboppers, this is not true, they are wonderful people who are being given a bad reputation because of all the teenies out there.
"she likes GoodCharlotte, she must be a teeny!
-this is WRONG

"She likes GoodCharlotte just because of their looks and popularity, she must be a teenie"
-this is TRUE

Make sure that you can tell the difference between a teeny and a tue fan.

by I owe my life to GoodCharlotte December 14, 2004
Teenies in my eyes are young people (aged 10 - 14) who ty to be like the main subculture around them eg emo scene hxc ect ect. they walk around copying the older sene kids and try to be like them. they claim to like old rock/punk metal ect from the 80's like sex pistols, Ac/Dc, the ramones ect ect. They claim to love bands like enter shikari and yet get pulled out at almost ever standing show and cant handle pits. they love the colours pink and black and purple and always wear something with skulls on.say the name of a band and within 2weeks it will be ther "fave" band.

OMG i LOVE panic! at the disco the singers soooo hot!! typical teenies
by RaiseHell January 11, 2007
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