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The University of California. The first tier public university system which serves the upper 12.5% of graduating high school seniors in California. UC has 10 campuses and over 208,000 students. Campuses include flagship UCLA and UC Berkeley. Excluding soon-to-be opened UC Merced, all 9 UC campuses rank within the Top 50 according to US News and World Report.

See also CSU.
Most people apply to UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, UC Davis, and UC Irvine.
by supaflyyoc May 25, 2005
University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati Bearcats)

With a growing number of applicants each year, UC is becoming one of the top universities in the country to attend. The Princeton Review has ranked UC as one of the top 100 universities in the country.

UC is an urban school with a really cool, entirely remodeled campus. The school consists of many artsy, but mostly very normal down-to-earth kids.

The school's football team has become one of the country's elite after joining the Big East Conference. They currently hold the title of Big East Champions.

UC is the second biggest school in Ohio and has some of the highest ranked, most prestigious programs in the country.

UC is best known for its DAAP (design, art, architecture, and planning) program which is ranked amongst the top 60 design programs in the world. DAAP is extremely hard to get into and consumes the lives of those who do make it into the program. These artsy kids are known as "daapers." They eat, sleep, and breathe DAAP.

Engineering and Performing Arts are also ranked as some of the top programs in the country.

The school's campus has also become known as one of the most unique college campuses since its remodel. By some, it has been referred to as a modern urban oasis.

Although sometimes misunderstood because of the area around it, this school is amazing and well on its way to achieving great things.
"UC is Ohio State's little brother"

"One of the most architecturally dynamic campuses in America." -- New York Times

"One of the most impressive collections of contemporary architecture on any American campus." -- Los Angeles Times

"An international cultural destination." -- Places Magazine

by Bearcats Fan August 11, 2009
Uncircumcised. Often used while exchanging ones physical statistics in online chats and personal ads.
CuDog: States?
MiCat: 5"10' swm 6uc

(meaning 5'10" hight white male with 6" uncircumcised penis)
by sytelus July 05, 2005
under cover police officer usually in a crown victoria or a beat up ford look for antenne in center back and dual exaust + tinted windows
Dude that cars been tailing us for like 10 minutes thats definitly a UC.

Fuck the police comming strait from the underground
by napopoleon July 19, 2005
Upper-class. Used in the Whit Stillman film Metropolitan (1990).
-Tom Townsend. It's a fine name. What about Tommy? Tommy Townsend? It sounds more U.C.
-Really? What's that?
by Alexandra Prodigal August 19, 2013
Un-original character.

When you just recolor a character from an existing character of a tv show without any effort whatsoever.
Commonly observed among autistic and semi-autistic members of the sonic and my little pony fandom.
"Dude, look at this awesome character I just created."
"UC detected. You just have a recolored Fluttershy."
by stirby January 16, 2014
Useless Cunt
Lisa is a UC because she is extremely stupid and never learns how to deal with problems on her own. It's the same as being a female dumbass!
by Bonderite November 13, 2014
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