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v. - to suffocate with muff, often resulting in death
Dude, I was going down on her and I nearly muffocated.
by Muffkin August 17, 2009
The act of being suffocated by the muff.
Dude my last night my girl sat on my face and almost muffocated me.
by J'smainman69 November 27, 2010
When a woman sits on a persons face and suffocates them with her muff.
I want to muffocate him later.
by solly99 January 26, 2014
1.Suffocation due to oral sex on a woman.
2.Death by suffocation as a direct result of intense orgasm during oral sex on a woman.
Anita should wash her snatch more often. She has muffocated her last six boyfriends.
by Sirlaffalot May 27, 2013
When a woman suffocates you with her entire vagina and perineum or when a large lesbian suffocates an opposing gay male in a fight by placing her entire vagina and perineum over the small gay mans head resulting in instant death
Red baron was muffocated by the green bee during their match.
by Joemack28 May 14, 2015

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