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A white chick that is trying to impress her friends/make a point to her father by banging black guys. White men refer to these women as ruined, damaged goods.
"Well my son might be gay, but at least my daughter's not a mudshark like Thompson's girl. I'll get over the fact that my son's sucking a cock, as long as it ain't a nigger cock."
by Big Nose Jewboy November 11, 2006
1351 340
Caucasian women who date niggers.
mudsharks love their bus niggers
by omega greek February 12, 2010
886 116
A white female, who is usually unattractive and overweight, who preferes to have sex with black gangsters from the ghetto.
The mudshark was gang banged and gave birth to a little mudskipper.
by slicksal November 19, 2006
981 248
White chick who dates blacks.
He could tell from her date that she was just a damn mudshark.
by Anonymous January 06, 2003
631 183
White girt who dates black guys
Hey look at that mud shark with that playa!
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
667 267
nasty white girl who ONLY likes traitorous black men
by tboy April 02, 2003
680 315
n. 1. Non-black girl who strictly sleeps with black men.
2. Kim Kardashian.
1: That mud shark posed naked in playboy. And she let some
black dude pee in her mouth.
2: What a nasty whore!
by Bruce Jenner December 16, 2007
483 145