A caucasian person who will only date or sleep with a person of color.
Dude #1: I think Suzanne is cute do you think we could hook up?

Dude #2: No, you're white and she is a Mud Shark!
by Init Tho March 03, 2008
A mud shark is a Caucasian woman who dates/marries black men, to spite her friends and/or family, either consciously or subconsciously. She may not even be aware she's doing it, yet she takes a perverse pleasure in how liberal and open she is.
Donna is a good person, but she's such a mud shark she won't even date a white guy.
by terri71 June 12, 2012
White, usually blonde, girls who love that big black dick.
Did you see Heidi Klum with Seal? You know she's a mud shark
by The Emperor April 30, 2007
tall, blond white chick that is into the black penis . . . typically named kourtney
person A: damn that chick over there is a mud shark
person B: her name must be kourtney!
by id do me July 28, 2011
A mudshark is a white girl, who for some reason loves black guys. Like scum bag black guys. There is 2 types of mudsharks. Type 1: a good looking girl who is with a scuzzy nigger because she is either trying to show she is too good for white guys, or has daddy issues. Type 2: a complete trash bag of a girl who has either self esteem issues or no white guy will touch her, so she resorts to black guys.
"Why is that girl with that guy?" "Don't worry bro, she's a mudshark."
by Anaximander II August 27, 2015
when a white girl loves black men
wow! that girl is such a mud shark she just got done dating Tyrone and now shes all over Andre
by Joe Peck March 18, 2008
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