A white girl who only dates black guys.
Forget her man. She is a mudshark.
by ChoobaChooba November 15, 2010
A white woman whos loves fucking black men
that amber chick is a fuckin mudshark
Adam is a mudshark
by Rhys Mitchell April 30, 2005
A woman of the caucasion persuasion that prefers the man meat of a black man over that of a white man.
(insert your girlfriend's/sister's name here), is such a mudshark....she loooooves the black dong.
by Anonymous May 10, 2003
nasty nigger loving white women who have no self esteem due to weight or daddy issues.
You know Jennifer from Wilmington, NC? Yeah she spreads her legs for niggers, a real mud shark.
by thug nigger hater December 24, 2010
A white woman who dates black men.
"Justin didn't believe the legend of mudsharks that survived solely from the attention of a certain type of man...that is, until now."
by O. Simpson August 26, 2009
Mud Shark: Noun. A caucasian female who thinks she is black. Traits - Tattoos on the thighs and/or neck region. Tight spiral curls hairsprayed to the forehead. Fluent in Ebonics. Tends to move head side to side and snap fingers while speaking. Always cusses and swears in every sentence. Avid fan of rap/hip-hop music. Can be found walking the emergency lanes on major highways.
There's that Mud Shark hitchhiking again... With a bottle of gin in her hand and a cigarette in her mouth. HOLLA!
by Drew Dat Brees June 21, 2012
German girl between the ages of 17 and 23 that lives near a military post and only likes The Black Dick.
I couldn't get any play last night cause the club was full of mud sharks
by A33 August 10, 2003
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