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A guy, usually in his 30's or 40's, with a high impression of himself and how he is perceived, who talks of cougars and bagging chicks and sleeps with women indiscriminately.

A male in his 30's and 40's, generally with an overly high opinion of himself, who is in the singles scene

A balding unattractive male who is critical of a woman's appearance

An aging party boy who sleeps with women indiscriminately

A second or third-tier manwhore - a player wannabee who was never come close to being a player.

An unnattractive man who seeks unnattractive women based upon money or status.
He is such a pigolo, he's after that hag. Gross!

That pigolo wants me to set him up with my model friend, but look at him. Is exercise in his vocabulary?

He thinks he's such a player, but he'll always be a pigolo

How could he brag about going home with the seamstress. He's SUCH a pigolo
by Slummo November 05, 2011
A follower in a group of sloots

A Sloot in training

Someone who follows the Sloot Queen
Look at those slootettes with her, they are like sheep

It looks like that slootette is learning from the Sloot Queen, soon she'll be a full-fledged Sloot
by Slummo November 05, 2011
The leader of a pack of sloot girls.

A girl who seems like she's not a sloot, but she really is, in a stealth way.
She's the sloot queen of that group for sure; look at them folowing her around.

She is SUCH a sloot queen, did you know that she made out with 3 different guys last night before she went home with him, and nobody knew!
by slummo November 05, 2011
Going cruising for black ghetto chicks
Let's get drunk and go mudsharking tonight; I'm in the mood for some black pussy.
by Slummo July 26, 2009

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