It's a term for a catfish, but it applies to girls who have tha jungle fever.
Laura wants to bang 50 Cent. What a mudshark!
by Turd Burgler August 10, 2003
A white female, who is usually unattractive and overweight, who preferes to have sex with black gangsters from the ghetto.
The mud shark was gang banged and gave birth to a mud skipper.
by slicksal November 19, 2006
A black cock slut that has an attitude about it.
"That little mudshark thinks she's cute"
by T.Y. December 06, 2004
A Fat white girl that sluts around with thug black guys.
Did you see so and so hangin around the p.j.'s again lookin for cock? She's suck a fuckin mud shark
by The Man 516 April 25, 2009
When white girls go bad. Catching a case of jungle fever. "A nigger lover".
Man, I ain't never gonna fuck that bitch again, she's a mud shark.

by S J F August 09, 2006
any female of any race/color other then black that exclusively seeks black men for sex
Whoa that Katrina is one hell of a mud sharking ho!
by CharlieB June 05, 2005
A traitorous White who ONLY dates or has sex with nasty blacks.
Usually this occurs due to low self eteem, Jewish media portraying it as "cool" or to piss off their parents.
That neighborhood is trash; all the whites there are nothing but mud sharks!

Oh man, I saw Jenny out the other day and she was all ghetto looking & hanging all over a negro! I can't believe she became such a silly mud shark.
by Krissi Sixx March 17, 2007

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