The peculiar noise made by ones mouth when going down on your partner's junk. This occurs when the suction becomes too strong.
E-oh baby that feels good
E- what was that?
C- mouthfart.
E-oh, continue.
by Elantragirl May 30, 2009
Top Definition
The sudden expulsion of air that shoots through your closed lips when someone says something really funny or really stupid.
Bimbo: I think I'll run for president
Normal Person: Pfbtpfbtpfbt!!! You just made my mouth fart.
by mouthfart March 17, 2006
an utterance so stupid that it could only be a mouth fart.
Nikki: *trumpet noise with mouth*
Caroline: Jesus, that was a mouthfart.
Nikki: (pauses) *trumpet noise again*
by Ms. Ruff March 04, 2004
Foul smelling burp.

Another word for a burp.
After eating lots of chips and salsa, I ripped a wicked nasty mouth fart.
by Sprankasaurus December 26, 2009
1.Stupid shit someone says
2.Someone with stank breath
Man Bennett has that mouth farts today
by SwagFart3000 January 13, 2012
A release of gas from the mouth generally considered to having an intolerably rank smell.
After eating alot of garlic and onions, Timmy had uncontrollable mouth farts.
by humorME February 28, 2011
When someone eats poop and later , coughs
i eat shit for breakfast, i have a cold, i fart outa my mouth -__mouth fart
by yojazz January 08, 2011
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