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The sudden expulsion of air that shoots through your closed lips when someone says something really funny or really stupid.
Bimbo: I think I'll run for president
Normal Person: Pfbtpfbtpfbt!!! You just made my mouth fart.
by mouthfart March 17, 2006
Vomit that goes both ways. When you puke a little in your mouth but swallow it before it escapes.
Dude! Your fart smells so bad that it gave me bi-vomit!
by mouthfart April 06, 2006
The loud fart sound made when the seal is temporarily broken while sucking on a penis.
Brother: Knock Knock!
Other brother: What?!?!
Brother: What are you two doing in there?
Other brother: Nothing!
Brother: Bullshit! You're fooling around - I just heard a queeb!
by mouthfart March 17, 2006

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