Brand-name famous for instant film and cameras, whose popularity spanned from the 1960s through the 90s, until it was shadowed by digital photography.

After two rounds of chapter 11 bankruptcy, in 2009 Polaroid exited the film market, despite the niche market that still exists. Remaining packs of Polaroid film, including expired packs, fetch insane amounts of money on eBay.

In the meantime, the corpse of the Polaroid Corporation is being raped by Lady Gaga. The company re-entered the instant film market in 2010; although initially announced to be the return of 600 film, the end-result was really the Fujifilm Instax camera and film in drag.

Most older "pack film" cameras can still be used; they accept Fuji's FP-100C color, and/or FP-3000b black and white films.

New film for the "integral film" cameras has been re-invented and released by The Impossible Project, but is still under heavy-development.
Don't bother with Polaroid film that expired before 2004... either the chemicals will be dried-up, or the battery will be a dud.
by Self-destructing Chicken Bird February 18, 2011
instant photos
can't be manipulated

in the fashion industry, modeling agencies use them to authentically represent the models.

also called polas
"i thought it was a case of retouching, but then i saw her polaroids- her skin is really that flawless!"
by oemane July 10, 2008
One of Hellogoodbye's favorite words
May as well Polaroid her with the way i stare
- All Time Lows

You've got Polaroid
And you even know how to rhyme
- Two Weeks In Hawaii
by holadios fan June 08, 2007
An example of how vigorously a female should shake her backside. It refers to the act of shaking or waving an as-yet undeveloped Polaroid (R) picture in order to have it develop faster.
"Shake it like a Polaroid Picture."
Outkast, "Hey Ya."
by Big Bubba February 05, 2004
this is what Eskimos get when they sit on the ice to long
The Eskimo got Polaroids because he spent to much time on the ice toilet.
by samuraisushimonster March 05, 2008
A brand name of cameras. Can print out pictures the moment you take the picture. Though it's been around for a long time, it wasn't popularized until 2 dudes named Big Boi and Andre (aka Outkast) used the name in their hit song "Hey Ya". Now, it's part of pop culture, and people will refer to shaking their things like a Polaroid picture.
Damn, those Polaroid pictures rock. This is what you get for shaking your thang!
by World Domination February 24, 2005
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