A cute, furry little mammal.

Unaffectionate plural: mice
Affectionate plural: mouses
I love my mouses and dogs. WOOF!
by Punctilious non-frummie January 22, 2005
plural for computer pointing devise. Not to be confused with the plural for a species of rodent - mice.
Someone stole all the mouses from the computer lab!
by Jensen April 13, 2008
A swollen facial hematoma commonly suffered by boxers.
The cut-man tried to ice his fighter's mouse but in the end had to use his razor on it.
by bobbyflats July 20, 2008
another cute name for a womens vagina
I'm going to slip off your panties and lick your cute mouse until you squeak.
by leekent April 19, 2011
Pussy,cunt,twat,love purse etc. because it is small,cute,furry and you can hold it in your hand.
He's after her mouse.
by The Fury 13 December 13, 2010
The male sex organ at rest, not aroused, just lying there, doing nothing.
I wouldn't brag about your mouse unless its a Mighty one.
by Ladyship September 26, 2013
A title given to a mischievous & sneaky person, an expert thief or pickpocket. Sometimes given to hacker, programmer or prankster.

Also a nickname for someone small and cute.
Stanley "Mouse" the mischievous American artist who repainted the facade at The Box back in highschool.

Mouse the Master Thief, a title believed to be passed on for centuries in Japan. A thief who steal anything after properly alerting authorities of his intentions.

Dr Mikhail was nicknamed "Mouse" back in UK. He may have ADHD.

Mouse is an expert computer programmer who assists in the construction of several training programs in "The Matrix".

Mouse ("Tikus" in Malay), a Malaysian boy known for his ability to sneak pass through anything and anyone. Escaped police custody, trespassed highly restricted areas, caught once in a university control room but escaped from the security interrogation room. Seems to have a knack for challenging authorities.
by A. Amir May 06, 2011
Derived from the book, "Of Mice and Men" mouse can refer to someone dumber than Larry, particularly a blonde skank who thinks shes smart, but is dumb as fuck. A mouse often make damickey or outrageous comments that once made, are instantly used to pick on said mouse. The mouse typically makes friends with the smartest person in the nearby vicinity(The George of the situation), as it could not survive on its own. (What a dumb bitch). As we know, even with a smart friend, Larry eventually will be killed. Therefore, we can conclude that the mouse is worthless, and should be removed as soon as possible.
Guy 1: That girl that sits behind you in Calculus is so dumb.
Guy 2: Yeah, she is such a mouse.
Mouse: What't a mouse?
Guy 1 + 2: Nothing you fucking slut.

Later that day:

Mouse: George, I don't understand.
George: That's because you are a mouse.
Mouse: No, I am a female.
George: Shut the fuck up... Mouse.
by TeamDank February 20, 2013

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