mad nice. often used by kids who abreviate 24/7 for no reason (real reason)
dude these bids (black kids) are mice at basketball....duh.
theres money (mad honey) MICE!
by Nigiar McGently November 05, 2009
Hot babe , from the moviee Pal Joey 1957
That girl is a mouse see trailer on movielink
by Bruce J August 23, 2006
A user input device for the computer. these were first invented by Apple computers, and was then stolen by Microsoft and given the right click button. Mice were first introduced with Graphical User interfaces, or GUIs. If you can read this, you know what a mouse is.
Ok, now click the right mouse button on it and select settings.
by Montezuma999 June 20, 2003
word used to desribe a senior boy who mouses out who hits on a freshman girl since he is unable to get anyone in his own grade
high school --> senior mousing on freshman
senior is a mouse to freshman girl
by Lebron James/Nikki Minaj February 23, 2011
A stupid girl who sleeps with 3+ guys in one night. A gold digging backstabbing hoe.
Ray is sooo...Shhh Mouse is coming
by Laughsomuch1101 January 19, 2011
The act of tea bagging while fully erect.Dropping ones balls on anothers head or shoulder while "hard". Thus creating a long shaft or "nose"and floppy ears resembling those of a mouse.
You have just been moused by your buddy.
by Daeg Odinson November 17, 2010
A Furry little mammal that does nothing useful except eat your food and shit and piss all over your house and spread diseases, and they make great cat food lol (cats catch them)
Theres a fucking mouse in the house again gotta set some traps, get the gun :)
by coondog1234 July 23, 2008

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