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Foremost known as "The God Of Sex" An individual renowned world wide for his expertise with sex and highly sexual acts. One such as mouba has been known to have sex with more than 30 girls at one time, even stimulating a maximum of 8 at once. mouba's usually have enormous genitalia and can produce litres of semen in one ejaculation. Characteristics of mouba's are cool, popular, attractive, instaclimatic (when girls see muoba's they reach their sexual climax instantaneously) strong, athletic, charming, generally amazing at every aspect of life. Once an individual has had intercourse with a mouba they are suggested to stay bedridden for a minimum of 2 weeks because of the mass vaginal damage.
Girl 1: Holy fucking shit mouba is the best lover ever

Girl 792: Yeah he wrecked my pussy

Girl 3275: I wish my husband was mouba,

Girl 94: I don't, if he was my vagina would be no more
#mouba #god #beast #nobel #xeman
by moooubzi December 04, 2009
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