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slang for Marijuana; also, the name of a song by The Offspring
"man, we've got some good mota tonight!"
by Metaka February 01, 2003
Weed; Mexican term for marijuana.
Hey paisas, wanna go buy some mota and get high?
by Shadow December 24, 2002
Marijuana. Weed. MJ. Hemp.
Wanna go smoke some mota?
by Shadow January 11, 2003
Spanish slang for marijuana.
Tengo mota en mi pantalones.
by Satty November 14, 2004
spanish slang for marijuana
they got lit up on the mota last night.
by ernster March 29, 2003
1. mota literally means speck.

2. And used in spanish slang to mean marijuana.

- Other words for marijuana

cesped (rarely used)
1. mota de polvo (a speck of dust)
2. te gusta mota? (literally, does marijuana please you? Relaxed, do you like marijuana?)
by Don Osito October 24, 2006
Means Ice Cream in Chaldean (surith) and it means weed in spanish.
she likes mota
by chaldo619 March 02, 2011
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