Used in many Indian languages to mean fatty (masculine) or moti (feminine).
"Bohat mota hai"

He's really fat.
by pbiwan August 21, 2011
(vulgar) Panamanian slang for female genitalia i.e. pussy. Means the same as micha.
Ayer me fui a poner un piercing en la mota (I got my pussy pierced yesterday)
by mardidox December 03, 2011
In seminole(native american), mota means tobacco
mota umbi, means stinky tobacco(marijuana)
you wanna smoke some mota umbi...?!

you wanna smoke some mota with me...!?
by herrif November 16, 2007
the mexican name for weed, smoked primarily by jaime from SVHS
"jaime smoked some mota, his own last name"
by james wedge July 26, 2006
Mota is Spanish for "marijuana", not SLANG for marijuana. Mota is smoked primarily among teenagers, especially those who live in Danville and go to Monte Vista.
"te gusta mota?"
Do you have any marijuana?
by megustamota January 19, 2005
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