Word for the less desirables in society. Those who reproduce at high rates and drain the society.Common Examples in the USA are White Trash, niggers,drug users and wet backs. Where as being White, Black, Hispanic does not make you a mosquito, your nature to reproduce uncontrollably and remain on welfare does.
I saw a mosquito bitch on Springer yesterday, she weighed 400lbs and had thug 10 kids.
by Rock Hardington October 01, 2004
a clandestine way(mostly from the male gender) of describing the size or lack there of, of the breasts of a female. The word implies that said breasts are equivalent to an over-sized insect bite, specifically one by a mosquito which are usually very small and not noticeable unless irritated or infected.
Suzy is hot, but my hamster has bigger mosquitoes !
by machinefeeder March 06, 2011
Those little bastard fly-like things that swarm at you and ruin the outdoors for canoers.
"Holy s**t! Those little mosquito f**kers just ate my baby!"
by Andrew Snedden September 14, 2003
The whores of the insect world. All they do is get what they need from you, and leave you with nothing but a burning itch.
Mosquito: Looking for a good time?
Unsuspecting human: Yeah, that's why I went camping.
Mosquito: Mmm... blood.

The next day
Unsuspecting human: Scratch... scratch... I went camping and all I got were these lousy mosquito herpes.
by sewingmachineohno July 31, 2011
v. To shock or repulse. Adj.: mosquitoed. From the Mosquito device, an ultrasonic gadget used in teenage crowd dispersion in public places in South Wales, England, since 2005, which may or may not be responsible for the record number of teenage suicides in Bridgend, South Wales, 2006-2008. More than 7,000 Mosquito devices are now in operation in England, Europe, Canada and America. It emits an unpleasant sound that can only be heard by 15-27 year-olds.
Classical music has the unfortunate effect of mosquitoing his brains.

David was left totally mosquitoed by the experience.
by Benoit Racine June 19, 2008
verb: While a girl is menstruating, a male uses a straw to inhale blood from the woman's cunt. This strange but very erotic sexual position has been known to cure polio. Mosquitoing has also been referred to has vaginal vampiring.
The bitch was on her period and I was thirsty, so I decided to mosquito her to rehydrate myself.
by Softdizzzle December 01, 2009
little sluts that get around and bite everyone
that mosquito is a slut it got me and my guy
by kulogirl July 06, 2009

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