When a woman is on her period and a man uses a straw to suck out the blood.
"man my girl was on her period and i gave her a mosquito, it was great"
by Chandrashekhar Thiyagarajan February 19, 2009
A ringtone that emits an ultrasonic tone that is supposedly inaudiable to anyone over 25
"hey man, guess what?"
"my cell went off in geometry today"
"bummer, good thing you have the mosquito"
" dude, i know"
by crazylilfcboy October 20, 2008
Florida State Bird Nominee
The Florida State Bird should be the mosquito.
by Steve Rayle September 11, 2003
little minute bugs that stick their demonic straws into you and suck your blood leaving red welts that itch like hell and if you scratch them to much you make them raw and stingy.choose your poisen!itchy or raw?take your pick,though niether are pleasant
why does a mosquito have their back two legs float whenever they suck?isn't it futile for those legs to exist if they don't even use them to stand up?
by balk September 07, 2003
when a girl has a period you take a straw and suck the blood out of her pussy like a mosquito
"I was so fucked up last night that i actually agreed to give my girl a mosquito. Unfortunately for her, it was so nasty that the second it entered my mouth I blew chunks in her face and donkey punched her."
by fukdapolice August 22, 2008
its where a man is eating a girl out when she is on her period, and you suck the blood out
"man last night i was eating my girl out and she start her period!!"

"thats nasty you gave her a mosquito "
by haha jr July 25, 2008
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