when a girl has a period you take a straw and suck the blood out of her pussy like a mosquito
"I was so fucked up last night that i actually agreed to give my girl a mosquito. Unfortunately for her, it was so nasty that the second it entered my mouth I blew chunks in her face and donkey punched her."
by fukdapolice August 22, 2008
MOSQUITO (verb): to slyly drink the drink of someone else when they least expect it. There is a high probability of having your drink mosquito'd when someone of the opposite sex who is shorter than you poses for a photograph with you and he/she is really thirsty.
1. Dude, she totally mosquito'd my drink when Aloysius took our photograph with that disposable camera.

2. While she was busy passionately kissing my inner thigh, I took the liberty of mosquitoing her glass of Caramilk liqueur.
by andrewljacob July 24, 2011
Tiny, bloodsucking demons that are everywhere when the weather is hot and have annoying, high-pitched buzzes. They bite you and drink your blood. Known to spread deadly diseases as well as annoying, itchy whelts. It hurts when they bite, too.
Damn mosquitoes are bad this year!
by Thunder Magus March 27, 2009
A blood-sucking insect that can carry malaria and the West Nile Virus. Literally means "little fly" in Spanish.
DEET is pretty effective against those damn mosquitos.
by jaklumen September 05, 2003
A) someone very small, thin and annoying. Likes to be mean and stab backs. Thats why they are blood suckers.


b) a pesky insect that many people do not like. When you get bitten by one, (a female) your blood is being sucked. and when they are done you are left a little mark that itches like MAD. Males collect nectar.
A) Mom to Daughter-That 12 year old is such a mosquito. She is a twig and talkes trash about her own freinds. What a betch. Stay away from her Honey. (:
Daughter- OK Mom.

B) Billy-GOD D**N a Mosquito bit me.... (Five Minutes Later Billy is itching) CURSE YOU FEMALE MOSQUITOS.
by Some Girl Who Likes Zombies August 02, 2010
Someone who gets around. Like a Mosquito they don't care who it is, they'll get inside you, and suck you.
"That girl is such a mosquito"
by fahmie August 21, 2008
An excuse to hit your friends and/or people in close proximity who are pissing you off.
"Dude, why did you just slap me?"
"... mosquito."
by grassilla August 21, 2011

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