People just like the rest of us who just wear different clothes and listen to different music. And no they dont want this title just so they can cut themselves yes some do do this only because they have problems and feel there is no way out for them. And its not just goths moshers grungers etc who do this i have seen pikeys etc who do this too.
May sometimes be the poser type of goth.
They dont want to be different or individual that is just how they are. Deal with it.
by sWeEt_PaNdEmOnIuM February 05, 2004
people who have the confidence to be themselves and not who every one else wants them to be, rather than buy the exact same makes as their friends , so as to fit in. Moshers often express themselves freely and generally don like bieng called sweaty as they walk through town.
chav: ha ha look a sweaty
mosher: f**kin chav , lets see what he thinks of us 'sweatys' in 5 minutes
*mosher makes a little call to his frends down the street who just happen to wear chains as a fashion accesory , or happen to have a skateboard handy*
chav , ends up beaten and bruised by moshers
by anonymous 116 May 09, 2006
1. Any person into alternative/rock/metal music, a purgorative term designed for alienation of the other by scally/chav culture.

2. Reclaimed from the above, a name given to a muscially orientated sub-culture. Said culture being a mix of earlier Punk and Metal culture. The term originated with the culture following the collapse of nu metal from aminstream popularity in favour of metalcore, pop metal, punk pop and emo.

3. Reclaimed purgorative from the older underground sub-cultures, such as metallers, goths and punks. Terms those who claim identify with their sub-culture, but who have seemingly missed the point and do not listen to music deemed to be authentic, ans generally considered unable to mosh properly.
1. Bloody Moshers! Cut your f*cking hair & stop listening to that satan shit!

2. Lets go to Download. The music is so cool.

3. Bloody Moshers! Grow your f*cking hair & stop listening to that comercial bollocks!
by Slev September 04, 2007
a group of people who are generall pretty nice especially at metal shows. They will mosh in the mosh pit and pick eachother up when others fall so they can continue. Most moshers(like me). will be landed on by 9 people or even twist there ankle and still get up and back in the mosh pit!
when you go to the Ike Box in Salem,OR you will find many moshers.
by Sabrina Lorentz May 05, 2007
Moshers are a group of people who listen to Metal, Rock, Grunge etc.
There is a long standing enmity between Chavs/Townies and Moshers.
I am a Mosher because of the music I like, I dress in baggy jeans, cool t-shirts, steel toe caps, not because I want to conform to some form of Mosher dress code...but because I like them.

I have always been treated with hate by Chavs/Townies for who I am, what I listen to. I do not hate Chavs/Townies as a whole, I just hate the random bastards who think it's fun to gang up on you and kick the shit outta you because you like different music to them, however I have noticed that there are a hell of lot more of these random cunts than there are decent Chavs/Townies.
by Haljohn June 23, 2005
A mosher is a person who wears dark close and generally have long hair. They generally listen to heavy metal and types of rock. There main rival are chavs (the scum of the population) and prefer not to be labelled.
Chav : ooy yyah fooken scummy moppeads what dur fook are yahh doin yaaahh fooken pricks??
Chav #2 : yh fooken goffy shit bag!!!!!!!
Chav #3 : we goona get our fooken crew on yahs
Mosher #1 : Whatever *walks away*
Chavs #123 : *smack moshers*
*Moshers beat the living crap out of em*
Mosher #2 :Whos laughin now retards?????????
by Box And Corn February 06, 2009
a mosher are genrelly nice people,wont start a fight on you,the only people they hate are chavs(an ya blame em?)moshers listen to really most types of rock music,metal,punk,thrash like slipknot,slayer,black sabbath etc and for the fuckin chavs who hate moshers,WHY?why do you hate us so much fuckin chav scum
true story!

mosher 1:dude you got metallicas death magnetic?
mosher 2:yea,its awsome

chav 1:hey mosher go home ya fucking wanker and stop listening to that emo goth shit!and listen to fuckin reel music like darren styles scooter

mosher 1(me):why dont you go fuckin die ya little chavvy scum if you wanna come ere(i dont uselly fight people but ive been beaten and bruised by chavs)

chav 1:alrite den faggot boy come ere

mosher 3 4 and 5 comes around(mates)

mosher 3:lets help him beat up this chavy twat

mosher 2 3 4 and 5 beat up chav and leave him unconcueos with a possible snapped wirst

im only 12 and my mates are 11 14 14 and 15 and chav looked 17!

dont mess with moshers chavs cos we will get you!!!
by Jake the mosher and proud September 15, 2008
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