Please read this: What is stated below is true from experience

A "Mosher" is NOT a made up word by scallies/chavs to describe someone different, NOR is it a word to describe anyone who is a goth... A mosher is a person who is slamming into other people in the front rows of a rock/metal concert (or MOSH PIT).

The term Mosh was coined by the singer HR of Bad Brains when he introduced their song "mash it up" in his thick Jamaican accent and it came out as "Mosh It Up" instead. Anthrax, the New York speed/thrash metal band later wrote an excellent song named "Caught In A Mosh" as an ode to the fans at the front of their concert pits.

Scallies or chavs only call people they don't know "moshers" because they don't have a clue what they are talking about and the media (VERY incorrectly) defined a mosher as someone in a green day top and baggy jeans and a skateboard (?) and you know how accuarte the media is right?
<me> "I'm going to the Slayer show tonight
<friend> "Cool, you gonna be at the back or you gonna be one of the moshers in the pit?
by luke_e February 06, 2007
Moshers are people that listen to GOOD music, from bands such as trivium, system of a down, slipknot etc.
Moshers hate chavs.
Moshers are usually friendly people.
Moshers are not usually trouble makers, but wud defend themselves if started upon.
Moshers do take showers/baths like every1 else.
Moshers enjoy going to gigs and taking part in mosh pits.

mosher#1: hey dude
mosher#2: hey, u got the new SOAD album
mosher#1: yeh, it rocks!
chav#1:ooooo look a buch of fu**in goths
mosher#3: were not goths! piss off!
chav#5: ur a bunch of nob's, dats wot u r.
chav#1: u startin dickhead!
chav#2: GET 'EM!
chavs start fight...............moshers batter chavs.................
by cuz58 January 15, 2007
According to the vast population of neds or chavs. The word mosher is used to describe any boy or girl that dresses in dark clothing and hangs around with their friends having a good time and generally listen to heavy metal.
A common misconception is that they are all stoners and drink blood. They tend to stay within groups of their own and avoid confrontation with neds/chavs.
They are completely different to emos and prefer not to be labelled
ned boy: oh look at those stoner moshers!
moshers: *sigh* stupid ned scum
ned boy: oi wit didya jus cal ma?!
moshers: Nothing, now please go away.
ned: I'll bate ya!
moshers: *stand up and walk away*
ned boy: Ther all gone ta drink each others blood
by cute-when-i-scream June 22, 2006
A person who moshes. In a mosh pit. At a gig. It's fun. Usually ends up with some kind of injury. I think that might be the point ...
A guy at the last gig I went to (RoadRage 2003) threw himself into me. Mmmm sweaty topless mosher guys ... *dribbles*
by -|-nAt-|- April 22, 2004
Moshers are kind a loyal people who despite and hate chavs.
They ussualy wear baggy jeans and t-shirts
Everyone says there druggys and stuff but come on!
not all moshers cut themselfs
Thats how ppl think moshers are
Chavs have no inteligence to anything even moshers
One person cam eup to me and says
Hey Goth
I was like " wtf"
That shows ya how bad they realy are! IM A MOSHER!
by Glenny_benny August 29, 2006
a person who wears baggy clothes, black band tops (but not always, long hair (but not always) and hate chavs and will probably make chavs extinct.

i am a metalhead-mosher who likes slipknot and cannibal corpse
chav: hey lok theres a goff
mosher:how am i a goth?
chav: *ignores and walks up to mosher and grabs his necklace* say its bling!
mosher:*knocks out chav with spiked wristband and kicks him in the head*
by deathmetalomen June 17, 2006
''Moshers'' are very nice people.. they like to wear black and/or brightly coloured clothes! They are usually found hanging around on parks/street corners..they keep themselves to themselves and rarely get into fights but sometimes the worst comes to worst and they do retaliate..usually toward the actions of chavs. Moshers Hate Chavs. But they usually do there upmost to try and avoid these physical contacts.The music they listen to is different nd most people dont like it but it generally is good music..metal, thrash, rock are the usual types of music they like to listen to.Moshers are Mainly Found wearing baggy clothes and wearing wristbands sometimes with badges pinned to them. They do not feel the need to ''Fit in'' to the general crowd. They are there own people and proud of it.
mosher1 ''dude luk at that group of chavs, wtf r they doin''
mosher2 '' Fets probs! they better not try nd start summat ovr here''
mosher1 ''i no how ya feelin dude!''
mosher3 ''Hey guys, that group of chavs r talkin bout yah!''
mosher2 '' oh well least we giv em summat decent to talk bout!''
mosher3 ''*laughs* Yeh, we r amazing of course!''
mosher1&2 *laugh along*
Group of chavs, *shouts* ''E'yar Fukin Mosh-Bosh Wat Tah Fook Air Youns Laffin At..Dick'eds''
chav girls..usually pregnant.'' U gt Summat To Say feckin spaz's''
Mosher2 ''Nope'' *all 3 walk away*
chav girl ''Youms Givin me lip knob'ed! yeh tats reet run to yer moshpits!''
Mosher3 ''Yeh Okie dokie then''
by Spiderman_rules October 11, 2006

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