a mosher likes all types of rock music and wears stylish cloths, usually of the color black, they are kewl nice considerate people who are unfairly picked on by chavs. moshers will mind their own business and try and keep the peace with everyone they meet. unlike their mortal enemies (chavs) moshers actually find constructive things to do with their time for example learning to play an instrument. where chavs just hang on street corners thinking they all dat.
mosher are kewl music loving dudes without an attitude problem unlike chavs that hate anything that moves and whats to beat anything with a face
by gazzareth June 03, 2007
Back in the 80's hardcore crossed with metal and moshpits began to happen at metal concerts aswell as hardcore punk concerts. Initially a mosher was anyone who listened to metal/metalcore/hardcore/grindcore ect, and obviously moshed. In england after the "nu wave" of metal (american nu metal not the NWOBHM) a mosher became a derogatory reference to anybody who broke social trends such as, indie's, alternatives, metalheads, goths, punks, emo's, scenesters's ect. Many people now associate a mosher as someone who listents to alot of nu-metal (slipknot, linkin park, adema, spineshank) and the general clothing consists of baggy jeans, skate shoes, plain t-shirts and a band hoodie, but the modern day moshers barley exist today.
Chav: Mish mosh get a wash
Mosher: I hate walking past the job center
by DeanyBaby April 17, 2009
Someone who generally hates chavs, has a good time with friends but can feel depressed when on their own, likes to have many badges on their bags labelling their favorite bands. Also mainly listens to any sort of Rock, metal or punk music.

Mosh #1: OI ITS A CHAV!
Chav #1: Ouch.

Now, that's a true mosher!
by Calon_In_Hastings August 24, 2008
Mosher is just a title that some people give some other people. A Mosher should be someone who moshes in a mosh pit. They don't have to wear certain clothes or like certain bands, although most do. Nowadays lots of people call people moshers for having long hair, say. Some people treat 'mosher' as an insult... you shouldn't.
"are you a mosher?"
Yeah you are!"
"um... ok"
"I'll just go now..."
Mosher gets beaten up
by Joe December 03, 2004
As a labelled 'mosher' for the last 20-odd years I think most people have a point with their definitions. I feel that moshers (or rock fans as they should really be termed) are generally personable and friendly, and are on the whole of above average intelligence. They are quite chilled out (in my case due to having rock music to channel any aggression that might be lurking...not in a negative way though) but have a chip on their shoulder about the general perception of them by society as a whole.
Back in my day (about 1860) there was even more distrust of moshers as we were a smaller sub-group than is the case now, and we were seen as a subversive influence. I find it hard to credit that this is still the case now, despite the fact that youth anti-social behaviour is often highlighted without any examples of moshers being involved (except as victims :()

I do find the individuality thing funny though. I always saw myself as an individual, as were my 40 similarly attired acquaintances! Peole who are labelled often shrink into the safety of the genre they're placed in and therefore limit themselves in what they wear and listen to. Genuine individuality is wearing and listening to exactly what they want without any need to justify themselves. Having said that:

Moshers are generally positive, intelligent and thoughtful people who have always been given a negative reputation without any justification.
Our television screens are full of examples of anti-social behaviour, but do any of them show anti-social behaviour by moshers?
by Burnley Jon October 05, 2007
A person who perticipates in in moshing activity such as a mosh pit
Man did you see that mosher fall down.
by cody taylor cooper August 17, 2007
Put plainly and simply - A person dancing in a mosh pit - NOT someone sat around in brightly coloured clothes. NOT someone who wears baggy trousers and skateboards (they're skaters)...
The front of a crowd at a rock/metal/punk concert is a "mosh pit" - the people in it are "moshers"
by Luke out of Vertiis July 30, 2008

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