Someone who moshes in a mosh pit - nothing more, nothing less.

People who call kids in baggy clothes "moshers" haven't got a single clue about metal - You go into any decent self respecting mosh pit (eg: Stamping Ground, Biohazard, Slayer...) with flared jeans on and you are going to die, you will trip up and break your neck.
Electricians fix wiring
Footballers play football
Skaters skate
Fishermen fish
and Moshers mosh
by Luke Edward Elwick September 15, 2006
moshers are some of the most friendlyest people ever, they speak and they mean no harm unless they come across chav scum,
most people think moshers are mainly boys,but hell no.
at gigs they love to be at the front head banging/moshing.
normally baggy clothes and long ish hair.
chav1: haha look at thah mosha like person mate
chav2: he finks hes well cool innit
chav1: lets go scuff him up
chav2: o sh*t its a girl
mosher: wat the fk do u want
chav2: wats wif tha mosh flop on yer ead?
mosher: o wats that on ur neck?
group of moshas (mainly boys): oi pis* off u scum asss chavs leave her alone

chavs scram and moshers walk off
by shelley1234567 January 17, 2008
A person or persons who mosh.
Mosh-Someone who loves the beat of the music so much they have to move to it, jumping swinging etc.
It does not have to be rock though, lots of people can mosh to Ska, Punk, Rap and Hip~hop etc.
Are secure enough in themselves to express themselves in any way they see fit, whether it be the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, or the people they interact with.
Dude I was moshin soooo hard when I went to see Rage against the machine, all those years back.
by Anto April 03, 2004
Moshers are just like everyone else they just listen 2 different music and have a difference fashion sense. yes some smell but so do some scalls. Yes some are slags but so are some trendies. yes some do judge other people on wat they wear but they get judged aswell and teased for it.
for example a mosher cant walk around birkenhead without a scally kicking off on them, teasing them and chasing them! i think that moshers are very brave to put up with it all and we should not see them all as freeks. some do cut themselfs take drugs and drink themselfs stupid but dont most of us?
by Kayleigh January 07, 2004
a genrally awesome person who listens to awesome music often rock metal etc. often a target for chavs and hate them to the death. will normally only fight is started apon. enjoys gigs and mosh pits and having a good time with m8s. often mixed up with goths even emos by people who dont really have a clue what there on about, ie chavs. moshers normally wear baggy cloths jeans band tees etc and alota black but really dress in whatever the fuck they like. there truely awesome friends and people in genral.
chav#1-haha look at the goff
mosher#1-haha look at the chav
chav#2-u startin mush *pushes mosher*
mosher knocks chav unconcous

uninformed loser#1- u dress all in black and listen to metal u must be a goth/emo/wanabe/poser.
informed mosher- dude get it right, i wear what ever i like listen to what ever i like making me a truely amazing person and a mosher.
uninformed loser-oh so ur a mosher becoz ur original and do w.e u like. i understand.
by metalmusicfukinrules May 16, 2007
A person who doesn't really give a fuck. They can dress in what ever they want, the moshers in my town dress mostly in black but there are colours there too. Band t-shirts and random badges or pins on bags are common. Loud rock music, moshing, etc. Are usually picked on by scum called chavs. who choose to chase the poor mosher who happens to be walking on his or her own and pummels them... if chavs were that stong (some of them have pretty good aim with rocks unfortunately)
mosher/me: *walks down a road, minding her own buisness listening to music... may have been slayer at the time, i can't remember*
chav 1: hey! look at the guy! he's a mosher!
chav 2: that's a chick, not a guy.
chav 1: whatever... *starts running after the poor, innocent person*
mosher/me: ah crap, not again... *runs... in this case into the cemetery*
chav 1: *spits* damn, we lost her
*they both walk away
by June 07, 2007
A person or persons who most commonly wear baggy jeans or wear knee length raggy denim shorts. They usually wear baggy t-shirts. Sometimes they go in moshpits, (sometimes they don't because they don't want a broken arm!) It's a myth that a moshers worst enemy are townies because I'm a mosher and I have more townie friends than mosher friends! Usually into rock, metal music!
You see a person in baggy jeans and a hoodie, listening to Greeny Day on their personal CD player, either a mosher or a skater. You spot people going into Co-operation club in Sheffield, UK Mosher or skater
by moshers rule April 30, 2005
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