Mosher is someone who likes to headbang to heavy rock/heavy metal/thrash etc music.

Clothes, wear what u like man, in my day it wos tight jeans lol.

Will always stand upto injustice to mates!

Thats it(just the basics man lol)

Rock in Peace
Mosh on

Ac/Dc Rool

Disagree then u have'nt seen them live @;-p

R.I.P. Mosher
by A.Montgomery March 07, 2008
first of im a mosher and most of my friends are moshers i have loads of friends that are chavs but no offence to them the mojoraty of chavs are dipshits most of them dont even know what the word mosher means and moshers dont slit ther wrists thats call emo and i dont were make-up THATS, called being a goth tho not all goths do i have never ever herard a mosher say somthing like "aw you listening to somthing heavvvy? awww man im heavy" no in reality we dont say bull shit like that and yes most moshers hate chavs to bit realy i hate most of them to this is what its like:-
Mosher talking to mates: yeah so thats what you do
chav (dipshit) : yeah you think your fucking well ard well y not right?
mosher: *sigh* firts of all shut the fuck up second of all...
chav throws a punch hit mosher mosher recovers grabs chav by neck puts him on the wall and beats the crap of him now the chav is on floor crying mosher carrys on talking
Mosher:anyway were were we oh yeah so thats what you have to do



by Dommy_the_mosher April 11, 2007
Moshers generally keep 2 there own groups, they dont start fights they finish them and in general are quite nice people once u get to know them. one thing they aren't is satanist's and not all of them listen 2 heavy metal, in fact more of them listen 2 drumb and bass and rock music. moshers are out 2 have a good time and make da best of der youth. moshers main rivals are chavs, chavs see moshers as der only real threat i think thats why they try to beat up any individual mosher they can find, but of course if there's a group of moshers and a group of chavs, the chavs will back down first.

In cocnclusion if you move to a new area and your stuck for finding new friends make friends with moshers, you'll get along better with them, you'll get in less trouble and you'll have a lot more fun also not forgetting that moshers are a hell of a lot more mature than most people of there age.
chav group: look at those fuckin moshers, what a bunch of fuckin retards. (all laugh)

mosher group: yeah ok, wen u reckon der gonna grow up.

chav group: what the fuck you chattin, you wanna make somthing of it, come on then ya fucking dickheads.

mosher group: be serious you actually want us to start something?

chav group: all shout and swear as they walk away.
by Lorcan O'Connor April 11, 2007
A teenage subculture.

A mosher is a person who generally hangs out with other moshers, and sometimes emos and goths. They hate chavs and visa-versa, but try to aviod them. They wear generally dark clothing, usually baggy jeans and a black hoody with a band logo on it. They listen to mostly heavy metal, and mosh to it (hence the name mosher). They do take baths, don't cut their wrists.

Most of the have long or moderatly long hair
A mosher hears a bunch of chavs approaching from around the otherside of the street, singing some random crap. Mosher quickly flees down another road to aviod the yobs. (true story)
by David Watergate February 23, 2007
Moshers are people who listen to any type of rock music, HATE chavs, like to mosh (also known as head-banging), are often found in the mosh pit at a concert and finally tend to bond mostly with other moshers and emos
The moshers were head-banging in the mosh pit at a rock conecert
by McCartan August 26, 2007
First of all letm ejust clear something up, moshers do not listen to Grean day although of course there are some that may listen to it as well as what moshers are labelled for, death metal and heavy metal. Moshers do not slit their wrists (of course there are exceptions). The only thing that can give you reasoning to label someone as a mosher is that they mosh ( very and a great workout). Moshers are not satanic, they do not necessarily have long hair (although lots do).
Chav: Look a load of Moshrs.

Moshers: Go fuck your pregnant girlfriend

Chav: *Runs Away*
by Alex156 May 16, 2007
anti-chav cooldude
awesome music
incy wincy chav came up the water spout, down came the mosher to knock the fu**er out
by aprilthelittleravekid February 07, 2008
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