the only word that rhymes with orange, it means, "hair" but it must be especially cool hair
OMG Tracy look at that girl with neon morange!
by MorangeIsMine May 28, 2010
A word rhyming with the word Orange so that way when someone asks you to find a word that rhymes with Orange, you will have proof it does exist.

Making the statement, "nothing rhymes with Orange". False >;P

In your face Webster!
by MoJaMa 85 May 18, 2010
Another term for an orange cat
The morange needs to be fed!
by Adeline August 29, 2005
The state of grass or other plants after it has been stepped on.
Bent over.
The moranged grass made it easy for the hunter to follow it's target.
by ConsiderTheOrange October 01, 2011
When there is a fat lady and a midget. the midget lubes up the ladys fat rolls, and has intercourse with the rolls.
I totally saw Gary Coleman Morange Rosie O'Donnell
by Miss Moneypussy March 27, 2009
A word that rhymes with Orange
"friendly person: hey guys! have you ever played that word rhyming game?
evil friend: ok lets play it, im going first, and the word is ORANGE
friendly person: aha you think you have fooled me but you are wrong! the word that i shall choose is MORANGE!"
by Jazzed Up January 04, 2006
Someone who's parents decided to inflict phsycological harm to their unborn child by passing on the ginger gene. Also known as a ginger, ginger ninja, morange
"OMG look at that morange!"
by Aotearoas_angel February 25, 2004

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