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A person of the red-headed variety. Most likely to be used affectionately.
Ralph was known to his friends as 'The Ginger Ninja' due to his bright red hair and tendancy to leap from the shadows without warning.
by Fjool January 11, 2005
A ginger with poorly supressed rage usually resulting from their interaction with misogynistic post adolescents with subnormal interpersonal skills. Has the ability to channel such rage into creative acts of counterinsurgency usually involving methods requiring higher than average motor skills.
The stunned Sasquatch had but a few short moments to consider the evil that had brought him to this end after his karmic encounter with the ginger ninja.
by sally has issues February 23, 2009
Ones hair must be ginger to qualify. Coolness is optional, but generally required.
amy cooper is the most popular and well known ginger ninja in the U.K. but they are of course everywhere you go.
by Sophie O'Malley June 16, 2008
an overly exuberant, red haired individual
have you seen ted?

hasn't stopped moving all morning. he's being a bit of ginger ninja today
by cleo.eats.it December 20, 2009
A person (normally a girl) who has ginger hair, known for being good at sex and very tight.
Ginger girl (ginger ninja)
by GINGER NINJER February 24, 2011
a small ginger cat who looks ever so cute and will lure you into her trap by rolling around on the floor and staring at you with big green eyes...then when you go near to fuss this cute little kitten KAPOW! suddenly she appears to grow a million limbs, each with around a thousand claws which shred and rip apart your arms. then the ginger ninja sprints away into the night, faster than any cat youve ever seen and it waits for the next gullible cat lover to fall into its trap.
'aww look at that cute little kitty.....ARGH! MY ARMS! she's like a ginger ninja! :O'
by scarred169 July 29, 2008
A young person with ginger hair who cannot clean their face properly, resulting in a humorous sight for onlookers.
Remember kids to clean your face properly, don't look like that f*cking ginger ninja.
by Giberzerker June 03, 2011