1.more orange have a plentiful amount of orange (the fruit or the color)
1.Ey man, give me some morange.
by androol November 08, 2005
A Red haired carrot head. Other Names include: Ginger, Gorgie ginger pubes & carrot head.
"Haha You fucking morange!"
by shay February 25, 2004
someone with ginger/orange hair
" look at that morange, i'll bet she has a copper crutch"
by dick fitswell August 22, 2003
Unusually large penis
Yo, Mike has trouble using his morange, it don't fit nowhere!
by D-rock the lone renegade August 22, 2004
A Pale, skinny, no tiited redhead that does not deserve my penis in her slot machine.
Lita is a hot bitch...I would fuck her hard!
That other bitch is a morange however and i aint touching it!
A person who believes nothing rhymes with orange.
Don't be such a morange! Morange rhymes with orange.
by Bob Smackelton June 03, 2015

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