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1. An individual who 'INTENTIONALLY' walks in a style that is intended to attract attention

2. Contrarily, someone who attracts attention 'REGARDLESS' of how they walk; they just seem to turn heads. Can be for good or bad reasons depending on the context.

related forms:

moonwalking, adjective

moonwalk, verb
*A very flamboyant individual strolls by a group of friends, all turn and look*

One person exclaims "That guy is such an arrogant moonwalker. If this was 1969 that guy would be all black & white and singing 'Ground Control to Major Tom'"
by AshElvis April 27, 2008
Rims that are like sprewells. They keep spinning when your stopped
Yo dawg,u gotta see deez tizzight moonwalkers on diz escalade cuz!
by FaSt nD FuRiOuZ June 14, 2003