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1. An individual who 'INTENTIONALLY' walks in a style that is intended to attract attention

2. Contrarily, someone who attracts attention 'REGARDLESS' of how they walk; they just seem to turn heads. Can be for good or bad reasons depending on the context.

related forms:

moonwalking, adjective

moonwalk, verb
*A very flamboyant individual strolls by a group of friends, all turn and look*

One person exclaims "That guy is such an arrogant moonwalker. If this was 1969 that guy would be all black & white and singing 'Ground Control to Major Tom'"
by AshElvis April 27, 2008
8 6
Rims that are like sprewells. They keep spinning when your stopped
Yo dawg,u gotta see deez tizzight moonwalkers on diz escalade cuz!
by FaSt nD FuRiOuZ June 14, 2003
5 5