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To go back to talking to, dating, or having sex with a previous ex. The backslider tends to be the person who broke it off, but not always. Friends must watch out for their friends who may be backsliding especially with those who have had a recent break up and/or if they don't think the two people should be together.
Everyone worries Rhianna is backsliding into an abusive relationship with Chris Brown.
#backslide #backslider #breakup #sex #dating #relationships
by Catfish24 June 13, 2012
Backsliding is the action of crawling back to one's ex.{Very popular}
Person 1: Dude, give me your phone

Person 2: What? Why?

Person 1: Because after this drink, you're going to call up Jen and try to get back with her...whatever she is.

Person 2: What? Naw, man...

Person 1: Yeah you will. You do it all the time. It's called backsliding
#crawling back #not staying strong #being weak #lack of confidence #breaks easily
by Girl Anonymous June 11, 2012
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