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2 definitions by MJMoonwalker

A dance move first performed by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson in Motown 25 while performing Billie Jean. It creates an illusion of moving forward while actually you are sliding back. Now everyone wants to learn it and be like MJ :)
Michael Jackson is the best moonwalker.
by MJMoonwalker January 10, 2011
Michael Jackson's favorite pet Chimpanzee! Bubbles was born in 1983 and Michael Jackson saved it from Cancer research in the early 1980s. Michael Jackson loved Bubbles so much that he let Bubbles sleep in the same room as him, and even let Bubbles use his private toilet! Bubbles understood hand signal from Michael Jackson too! Bubbles also learnt the moonwalk from Michael Jackson and can moonwalk better than me!
1) Bubbles drank from the same cup as Michael Jackson!
2) Bubbles helped Michael Jackson in his household chores!
by MJMoonwalker January 14, 2011